Experimenting with Watercolours

After going through and organizing my art supplies - I decided it might be nice to actually break them out and use them a little more frequently than I had been (which was "not at all"). So on a recent extended weekend, I busted out my watercolours and brushes and settled in for a few hours of painting.

I tried to stick mainly to simple shapes - like these feathers. Working with watercolours reminded me how much patience you have to have. Patience with the amount of pigment is used in a wash and patience with developing layers of the work. I think I ended up working about five or so layers of watercolour for each individual work in order to get the correct amount of vibrancy and detail.

And then - having enjoying myself quite a bit with the feathers - I moved on to a full on floral design. This ... might have been a bit ambitious for me. I'm certainly not happy with how it turned out, but I learned (or re-learned) a lot of things about the process of watercolours. Certainly, I realized that I need to re-invest in masking fluid. I still have some, but after not having touched it in 4+ years I'm not sure about its effectiveness or consistency in doing the job. Otherwise, I think I learned a lot about the nature of washes and have a bit of a plan as to how to do this better in the next full watercolour I want to tackle. In the future, I'd to experiment a bit more with pigmentation and how much water to actually use, as I'd like to get a stronger vibrancy and less of a wash to the background. Otherwise, I had fun mixing some colours - especially to form the pink and blue florals.

In my next chance at tackling watercolours, I think I'd like to take a bit of a step back and practice some basic techniques of washes and mixing before moving back towards sketching out a full design. But we'll see.

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