Going Digital

A few weeks ago, I gave in to my desire and ordered a Wacom tablet. Awhile ago, Dana over at Wonder Forest had a post about drawing tablets and how she had recently invested in a new one. I've always loved the idea of drawing tablets, but was worried I wouldn't get good value out of one. That is, until I learned that Wacom's most inexpensive version was only about $70 on Amazon. Score!

I still took a bit of time to think it over, but when I found out I was getting some money back from taxes this year, I decided to take the plunge with something of an impulse buy. We've all been there, right? What the hell - it's only $70, right? Well, it arrived a couple weeks ago and I've been playing with it ever since.

And yes, I was listening to Beyonce when I was playing around with this. I've found the learning curve to be pretty good in regards to practicing your own handwriting. I was pretty hesitant at first with regards to the pen pressure, but with a bit of practice I got right into it. I'm still pretty rusty on the whole art side of things, but I think that may be more playing with the different Photoshop brushes finally.

Drawing tablet

To be completely honest, I have no clear idea for what I'm going to do with this. I'm a hobbyist at heart - at least when it comes to art - so right now I'm just using it for blogging and for generally getting some creativity out in some capacity.

Have you ever made an impulse purchase on a piece of technology? Did you get good use out of it in the long-run?

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