Quick and Easy Quilted Coasters

do it yourself quilt drink coasters
Coasters are one of those things that I've never thought about until summer rolled around in my apartment. Suddenly, I was a little bit worried about marking up my own furniture with rings and the like. And conveniently I had a bit of fabric left over from other sewing projects.

It's an incredibly quick DIY project that you can get done in about one hour.

Materials needed (to make 1 coaster):

  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Backing fabric - measures 5.5" square, or whatever size you'd like your coaster to be
  • Front fabric - measures 5.5" square
  • Batting fabric - measure 5.5" square
I decided to use two different fabric patterns for the front and back of the coasters for added colour contrast. Feel free to use the same on both sides or whatever you'd like. Once your squares are cut to the appropriate size you'll want to assemble the layers together. I have the quilt batting on the bottom, the backing fabric in the middle (if you're using a pattern, the right side should face up), followed by the front fabric facing down. This is creating a kind of fabric sandwich to make sure that your seams will be on the inside of the coaster when it's done.

Pin your fabric sandwich together and then sew -- using a 1/4" seam -- around three full sides, as the red line shows in the photo above. Remember to leave a wide enough gap on one side so that you can turn your fabric right-side out again. But before you invert it, cut the corners (be sure not to cut the seams) so that you don't have fabric build-up in the corners.

Once you've inverted the fabric sandwich so that the right side of the fabric is shown again, you can sew along all four sides to close up the fabric gap and provide a bit of decoration to the coaster. And that's it! Simple, right?

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