2014 Resolutions

Though admittedly a few weeks late, I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of resolutions for 2014 while the year is still young. It's always been difficult for me to keep pace with resolutions - and more often than not I find that I don't set them. But I thought I'd set these for myself in an effort to live a better, more creative life this year.

Take more photographs.

I'm not a big photographer most of the time, and I certainly don't consider myself any kind of talent at it all. Mostly I've realized that I'm carrying around this tiny, magnificent device that allows me to take photos in seconds and I'm not even using it to document. There's been a lot of discussion around the idea of "if it's not on Instagram, did it really happen?" type of concept that seems to be pervading this generation. Frankly, I'm not here for that (at least not right now) - but I've realized that I'm not documenting this point of my life at all. And I'd like to change that, if I can. Hence, more photographs.

Brush up on my art skills.

I can't remember the last time I sat down and painted or drew something. It's been several years, at least. I have a cupboard filled with art supplies that hasn't been touched, gone through, nothing. And now that I've reasonably settled down into a new(-ish) job, it allows me to engage with my creative side a lot more than before. I'd certainly like to use this space as a means of posting my experimentation with different materials and media.

Play with my food.

I've always enjoyed scouring Pinterest for recipes. I don't always get the chance to use them - especially now that I'm living at home again - but I'd certainly like to experiment more. There are some lovely, scrumptious looking meals out there that I'm really looking forward to trying.

Organize and de-clutter my life.

Having moved back home, I've realized that I own a lot of stuff. Like, way too much stuff. An insane amount, really. My life is in need of a good re-organization, de-cluttering, and a good going-over. 

Save some money.

Yeah. Like no one else out there in the world has this same thought! But, in the same vein as organizing my life, I'd like to organize my finances. I've got a few pressing needs, and a few far-in-the-future dream purchases, but I'd like to start building a solid foundation now.

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